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Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless Alarm are often now fitted in place of the traditional wired alarm. This is especially the case if your house or premises is not prewired. A wireless system is a convenient way of protecting your property from intrusion.

The big advantage of modern wireless alarms is that wires linking the sensors to the control panel do not have to be run. This means there is no drilling, lifting floor boards, or unsightly cables.

A wireless system is a secure alarm system – not only protecting your premises but the occupants as well. It can for example also be used with a panic alarm or even a medical alarm. With regular service and maintenance your wireless alarm system will provide many valuable years of protection and peace of mind to your family.

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Control Panel

Control PanelThe control panel detects the signals from all the alarm’s devices and converts these signals back to your keypad. The customer can then see this information in the keypad.


KeypadThe keypad is typically installed near the exit door. It can however be installed wherever the customer chooses to put it. When setting and un-setting the alarm, you enter your code
on the keypad.

PIR Detectors

PIR DetectorsDetectors use infrared technology to monitor your property. Known as PIR’s (Passive Infared Detectors) or Beams. They work by monitoring the infrared levels and detect a change caused
by the entry of an intruder.

External Siren

External SirenThe external siren is installed on the outside of the house. When the alarm is set off, the siren emits a very loud noise and the built-in strobe flashes constantly. This will scare any intruder away.

Wireless Shock Sensors

Wireless Shock SensorsShock Sensors are small devices that are installed on windows and doors. If an intruder attempts to force in the door or window, the shock sensors will set off the alarm frightening
the intruder from the property.

Panic Button

Panic ButtonBy pushing the panic button, the alarms can be set off and both the Gardai and other key-holders are also alerted. Panic buttons allow customer to feel extra safe in their property.

Smoke Detector

Smoke DetectorAn optical smoke alarm using the light scatter principle, giving a quick response to all standard fire types. It communicates to the control panel using the two way
SecureWave technology.

Heat Detector

Heat DetectorIdeal for kitchens, garages, boiler houses and other areas where there are normally high levels of fumes, smoke or dust. It communicates to the control panel using the two way
SecureWave technology.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide DetectorIdeal for any room that contains a fuel burning appliance, particularly rooms where people spend a lot of time e.g. sitting rooms. It communicates to the control panel using the two way
SecureWave technology.
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